Viamericas Corporation, a licensed, international remittance company, recently relocated its corporate headquarters from Bethesda, Maryland to Coral Gables, Florida. Viamericas selected the Miami region because it is a major transportation hub connecting the Americas, making it an ideal location for a company specializing in cross-border money transfers. The city also has a large and growing Latin American population, which provides a natural customer base for Viamericas’ services.

Moving its headquarters to Miami also enabled Viamericas to tap into the city’s diverse talent pool, which includes skilled workers with experience in finance, technology and customer service. The company has been able to recruit top talent from both the local area and other parts of the United States, helping to drive its growth and expansion.

“Moving our headquarters to Miami has been an excellent decision for Viamericas. We can leverage the city’s many benefits, which positions Viamericas for continued growth and success,” said Joseph Argilagos, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Viamericas. “We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to expand and innovate our offerings to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

Viamericas is one of the fastest-growing companies offering international money services for immigrants. The company recently surpassed two million active customers and facilitates more than $9 billion in remittances each year. Another notable milestone for Viamericas is in the month of April, the company broke the threshold of a million transactions in a single month to Mexico. In 2022, Viamericas grew its volume by over 36% in year-over-year transactions and opened hundreds of new agent locations across the country.

Viamericas’ move to Miami, the recent achievement of surpassing two million active customers and reaching record-breaking transaction volumes demonstrate the company’s strong growth trajectory and its ability to compete and thrive in the global financial services industry.