Viamericas takes top spot in Inter-American Dialogue’s Remittances Transfers Scorecard 2016

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Viamericas takes top spot in Inter-American Dialogue’s Remittances Transfers Scorecard 2016

01/10/2017 @ 6:56 pm in Press & Media
By: esteban-bernal

For the second time in a row, Viamericas ranks first among remittance providers

Viamericas Corporation, an international licensed remittance company, was once again awarded first place on the Inter-American Dialogue’s Remittances Transfers Scorecard. Viamericas was ranked number one in 2012 as well, the last time the report was published.

The report presents a scorecard for 30 remittance service providers working in 11 Latin American and Caribbean countries. It analyzes data collected on a wide range of indicators, including geographical coverage, product offerings, payment networks and transfer costs. Viamericas was recognized for its low transaction fees, extensive distribution of payout locations and excellent customer support.

TRemittances to Latin America and the Caribbean exceeded US$70 billion dollars in 2015 according to the report, and are playing a key role in the region’s economic development. The marketplace for money transfers has contributed to that impact by increasingly offering low transaction costs, a wide range of financial products, and opportunities for financial inclusion.

T“We are extremely proud to be recognized once again by Inter-American Dialogue’s Scorecard,” said Joe Argilagos, executive chairman of Viamericas. “Not only did we keep our first place ranking, we even improved our score over 2012. We have invested heavily in customer service, our digital channels and our agent/payer network to ensure our customers have the absolute best service in the industry. Being ranked number one means we are doing all the right things to make money transfer easier and more affordable for the people we serve.”

TTogether the 11 countries analyzed for the report represent more than 85% of the US-Latin America and Caribbean marketplace for money transfers (and 65% of all transactions to Latin America and the Caribbean). The countries studied represent more than 14 million transactions a month sent by the migrant community living in the United States.

About Viamericas

Viamericas provides mobile and in-person financial services, including money transfer, bill payment, mobile phone top-up services and B2B check processing. Together with its digital brand Vianex, Viamericas makes it easier than ever for customers to move their money. For more information, visit govianex.com

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