Make cash deposits without ever leaving the store. Simply deposit cash in the ViaSafe in your store location. The safe counts and credits cash deposits to your Viamericas account immediately. Then armored cars pick up directly from your location.


No more worrying about cash in the store.


No more trips to the bank to deposit cash.

No WiFi

No need of having internet connection to get safe work done.

Easy Install

Can easily be installed in your store in minutes.


Complete control of your cash and records.


Deposits are credited immediately.

Depositing money from transactions is easy. Simply feed bills into the safe. The safe counts and verifies the bills for you.

ViaSafe immediately prints a receipt for the deposit and sends the report to Viamericas, crediting your account for the cash transactions.

An armored car picks up your deposits on a regular basis. No more trips to the bank. Let ViaSafe take care of the work for you.