Never leave your store to deposit checks again. With ViaCheck, your scanned checks are automatically deposited. Use the built-in tools to verify checks and reduce risk. And with features like customer history and reports, check cashing is fast and easy.


Once the check is scanned, it is deposited. No more trips to the bank.


The scanner automatically enters all the information from the check.


Quickly and easily look up check makers, issuance, credit checks and OFAC.


Customer histories help you process checks faster and more reliably.


Technical support available 24/7, by phone and online so you are never alone.


Run reports like checks processed, cash flow, customer profiles and more.

Risk Management
Our check systems reduce risk with system tools, credit checks, verifications and OFAC compliance. Check cashing has never been this secure.

Easy Install
Our check systems are easy to install in just minutes. No need for a technician to visit your store. Our check systems come ready to install.

Save Time
No longer rush to deposit checks in the bank. In just a couple of minutes you will get those deposits from the comfort of your store.